Dampness Decoction

Dampness Decoction

by honey clear

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Dampness decoction


Dampness Decoction

1. Prepare 6 five-finger hair peaches, 1 lotus seed, 40 grams of barley rice, 40 grams of red beans, and 12 poria.

Dampness Decoction recipe

2. Stir-fry barley until it turns yellow to remove the coldness.

Dampness Decoction recipe

3. Wash the ingredients clean and soak in water for more than 1 hour.

Dampness Decoction recipe

4. Pour the ingredients into the health pot.

Dampness Decoction recipe

5. Add 1200 ml of water.

Dampness Decoction recipe

6. Turn on the health soup mode.

Dampness Decoction recipe

7. Add an appropriate amount of rock sugar to taste.

Dampness Decoction recipe


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