Sishen Soup

Sishen Soup

by Pan Pan Cat

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I learned this Sishen soup from Taiwan, and it is easy to find it in Taiwan’s night markets or Taiwanese restaurants. When I traveled to Taiwan for the first time, I saw the sign of "Four God Soup" and found it interesting. Later, when I went to Taiwan, I made a special trip to take my family and friends to drink Sishen Soup. When I returned to my home in Beijing, I prepared the "Four Gods". I also want to make the Sishen soup, but I am too lazy to wash the small intestine. The Sishen soup I drink in Taiwan is basically boiled with the small intestine. I like to eat intestines, but I’m too lazy to wash it. I happened to have a friend who gave me some good Iberico pork spine. Let’s use it to cook my Sishen soup. Cooking women at home must learn to adapt and "teach students in accordance with their aptitude." Diligent cooks can use Si Shen to cook small intestines or pork belly.


Sishen Soup

1. Wash barley, lotus seeds, and ginseng rice and soak for half an hour

Sishen Soup recipe

2. Wash the pork spine and put it in a casserole, a pot under cold water

Sishen Soup recipe

3. After boiling, skim the blood foam with a fine slip through the net

Sishen Soup recipe

4. Put the white pepper in the bowl and press it a few times with a rolling pin. Let them break up a bit, but not too much

Sishen Soup recipe

5. Put the white pepper in the soup trap and then put it in the soup pot, so that the soup does not taste messy

Sishen Soup recipe

6. After the ribs soup is boiling, add ginger, codonopsis, soaked barley, lotus seeds, ginseng rice, and Poria flakes

Sishen Soup recipe

7. Cover the lid and cook for 1 hour on medium and small heat

Sishen Soup recipe

8. After an hour, take out the white pepper soup bag, add salt and rice wine (not or not), you can drink the soup.

Sishen Soup recipe
Sishen Soup recipe


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