Red Risotto

Red Risotto

by Mitin Waiting

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The color of tomatoes will give the rice a warm red, giving the rice a sense of unrestrainedness. But the color of the tomatoes I bought this time is not very red, so the color of the rice disappointed me a bit, but fortunately the taste is good.


Red Risotto

1. Prepare the ingredients

Red Risotto recipe

2. Pour a can of fresh rice into the rice cooker

Red Risotto recipe

3. Add a can of water and press the cooking button.

Red Risotto recipe

4. Dice tomatoes and mushrooms

Red Risotto recipe

5. Prepare a bowl of rice, knock the eggs into the bowl and beat them

Red Risotto recipe

6. Pour oil into the pot, add the chopped green onion and saute until fragrant

Red Risotto recipe

7. Add tomatoes and stir fry until tender

Red Risotto recipe

8. Add mushrooms and stir fry, pour in a small amount of water, and cook well

Red Risotto recipe

9. Pour in the rice and stir fry evenly, so that the soup will cover the rice

Red Risotto recipe

10. Pour in the egg mixture and stir-fry evenly.
Wuchang rice flower fragrant rice, 8 hours nitrogen filling to keep fresh, lightly grow a can of fresh rice, a can of rice and a can of water, use good rice to convey the love of freshness

Red Risotto recipe


Don't wash the rice too many times, and don't rub it with your hands when washing, otherwise the nutrition of the rice will be lost.


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