Rose Cream Pudding

Rose Cream Pudding

by miko's small kitchen

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Fragrant roses, delicate creamy pink high-value desserts ignite your girl's heart!

Rose Cream Pudding

1. Get all the ingredients.

Rose Cream Pudding recipe

2. Add the isinglass powder into a proper amount of drinking water and stir to form a paste.

Rose Cream Pudding recipe

3. Put the butter, white sugar, and rose sauce in a small milk pot and cook until the surrounding foaming, then turn off the heat.

Rose Cream Pudding recipe

4. Add 2 drops of pink food coloring and mix well (the color can be adjusted according to your preference)

Rose Cream Pudding recipe

5. Pour the soaked isinglass powder into the pot and stir while it is hot until the isinglass powder is completely melted.

Rose Cream Pudding recipe

6. After filtering the pudding liquid, let it cool slightly, and pour it into the pudding cup (the ingredient list is just enough for three cups)

Rose Cream Pudding recipe

7. Put the pudding bottle in the refrigerator for three hours. (It solidifies faster without the lid)

Rose Cream Pudding recipe

8. Take out the solidified pudding and sprinkle with roselle petals.

Rose Cream Pudding recipe


The pudding liquid needs to be cooled a little before being bottled, otherwise the solidification time will be prolonged.


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