Rose Lychee Honey

Rose Lychee Honey

by Greedy cat vip who loves life

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The taste of lychee is fresh and delicious, and proper consumption can promote the blood circulation of the facial microvessels, speed up the circulation, and achieve the effect of detoxification. Because lychee meat is rich in vitamin C and protein, it has a therapeutic effect on beautifying the skin and improving the body's immunity. This drink I shared with you today also contains rose tea, which has better whitening and anti-freckle effect. It is too suitable for women who love beauty. You can take a minute to read it. It is the season of lychee. If you want to whiten in summer, you must do it. Get up~

Rose Lychee Honey

1. Prepare the ingredients, try to buy lychees that are thick and sweet, 600g for pickling, 200g for juicing)

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

2. The lychee is peeled and cored, the weight with tare is 800 grams, and the weight after peeling is about 650 grams.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

3. Crush the rock sugar so that the pickled lychee will melt more easily.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

4. Prepare a clean, oil-free, airtight jar, put a layer of lychee meat, and then add a layer of crushed rock sugar until the jar is full.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

5. Put the lid on the jar and keep it tightly sealed overnight. You can save more and drink it when you want to drink it~

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

6. Take out the jar the next day, all the rock sugar inside has melted, the lychees begin to shrink and their height drops, and the sweet lychee honey is ready.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

7. Prepare SKG's juice machine, and put the freshly peeled lychee into the juice machine.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

8. Turn on the forward key and the machine starts to start. It takes about one minute to squeeze the sweet lychee juice. Open the juice outlet and pick up the lychee juice.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

9. Wash the roses once, pour in boiling water and soak them into scented tea for later use. Generally, 150ml rose tea is extracted. If you like to add a few more roses and boil it, the color and taste will come out faster.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

10. Take a clean bottle or cup and put half of the lychee pulp in. Don't waste the sugar juice inside. It's all the essence. The sealed bottle can be packed and taken out to drink, which is super convenient.

Rose Lychee Honey recipe

11. Pour in the freshly squeezed lychee juice without lychee meat, then pour in the scented tea, put a few slices of lemon on it, add ice cubes if you like ice, and make the sweet rose lychee honey to relieve heat~ Shake well when drinking , The fragrant rose lychee aroma, and the soft and juicy lychee meat, it’s not too good

Rose Lychee Honey recipe


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