Yogurt Fruit Salad

Yogurt Fruit Salad

by Wandering stars

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Yogurt fruit salad, sweet and sour and delicious, supplement vitamins.
The temperature has risen step by step recently, and the pace of summer has arrived. With the high temperature, people are prone to lose their appetite, and various foods to cool off the heat are also welcomed. Wash all kinds of seasonal fruits, and then use yogurt instead of salad dressing to make a yogurt fruit salad, which is sweet and sour and can also supplement various vitamins.


Yogurt Fruit Salad

1. Raw material: cantaloupe, apple, lychee, cherry and papaya

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

2. Cantaloupe peeled and diced

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

3. Wash and cut apples

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

4. Wash the cherries and peel off the lychees

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

5. Put all the fruits in a salad bowl and pour yogurt

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe

6. Just mix well when you eat

Yogurt Fruit Salad recipe


I have not peeled the apples, because I am afraid of the waxiness of the epidermis. It is best to scrub them with salt and then soak them.


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