Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup

Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup

by Xianger Kitchen

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The bayberry is very delicate and the picking season is very special. Every year we go to a friend’s house in Zhejiang to pick bayberry. I freeze a large bag of bayberry every year for the sake of a cup of bayberry soup in summer. Some ingredients are cooked together to make it more flavorful. This time I used Roselle and Yangmei to enhance the color and flavor, making the color more beautiful and the sourness stronger.


Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup

1. Prepare ingredients

Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup recipe

2. Soak the bayberry in light salt water for 5 minutes, rinse and remove

Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup recipe

3. Put it in a soup pot and add water, then pour the roselle and rock sugar together

Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup recipe

4. Cover the high heat and boil, turn to low heat and cook for half an hour, turn off the heat

Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup recipe

5. Just wait until the juice is completely cooled, and the juice will taste better after it is put in the refrigerator and refrigerated

Roselle Flower Bayberry Soup recipe


1. Add a little more water to the boiled water at a time. After 30 minutes, it can reduce almost one-third of the water volume.
2. The amount of rock sugar is adjusted according to your own taste, these amounts are only slightly sweet


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