Roselle Fruit Tea

Roselle Fruit Tea

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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When going to work is also in air conditioning mode, the air conditioning in the car must also be turned on. When I go home, I do not turn on the child's husband. In such a living environment, I will never give up when I catch a cold. In order to let the cold heal quickly, and also want to prevent colds for my family, so I boiled a big pot of this warm flower and fruit tea every three times.
Flower nectar tea looks at the name, everyone knows that it is dried edible flowers with dried or frozen fruit and boiled tea, which can cure colds. It is rich in vitamin C to improve immunity and enhance the body's ability to resist diseases. Drinking a cup of fruit tea is actually equivalent to drinking a cup of fresh juice. Some people abroad also use it as an auxiliary means to cooperate with drug treatment.
Of course, this kind of flower and fruit tea is also suitable for children. Now the outside drink shops are branded as healthy and harmless natural ingredients, and the price ranges from dozens to ten yuan. In fact, we can DIY at home. I buy Roselle flower for 35 yuan and fruit and vegetable cubes for 20 yuan. I think that the amount can be cooked for a summer. Of course, it's not every day to drink it. Drinking it every few days seems a little fresher.
I used a boiled handle for making flower nectar today, with a tea drain, and it also has a brewing mode for green tea. Compared with the hard-boiled brewing mode, this is a smart temperature-controlled brewing tea. The model is more suitable for making this kind of flower and fruit tea. Today, I will serve the roselle fruit tea first. I boil it and it will be a big pot. It feels really good to let it cool and drink it. "


Roselle Fruit Tea

1. As shown in the picture, this drink uses 6 edible-grade dried Roselle flowers, and then grabs a handful of dried assorted fruit cubes, a rock candy and a boiling cup.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe

2. In addition to rock sugar, other ingredients are put into the tea drain of the boiling cup.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe

3. Then soak in clean water for about half a minute.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe

4. Take out the tea drain and change the water in the cup.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe

5. Then re-press the tea drain and the lid on the cup, and you can choose the brewing tea or water brewing mode as you like.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe

6. Pour the rock sugar into the big teapot. Don't worry about pouring out the boiled flower nectar, let it simmer in the cup for a few minutes.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe

7. Then pour the tea into the teapot, boil the cup, refill the water, and boil the flower and fruit tea again to taste it out.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe

8. In this way, the protagonist of a beautiful afternoon tea is complete.

Roselle Fruit Tea recipe


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