Roselle Soy Milk

Roselle Soy Milk

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Try using Roselle flower to make soy milk, it is a little sour, and it tastes pretty good! Children's shoes who like sour taste can try this soy milk.


Roselle Soy Milk

1. Pour all the ingredients (Tear Roselle) into the cup of the soymilk maker, add water to 1100ml

Roselle Soy Milk recipe

2. Cover the box of the soymilk, turn on the power, and select the "Five Grains Soymilk" function key to make pulp

Roselle Soy Milk recipe

3. A sound is heard and the word "b" is displayed, that is, the program is completed

Roselle Soy Milk recipe

4. After the Luoshenhua soy milk is made, filter it, and then add an appropriate amount of sugar to eat.

Roselle Soy Milk recipe


The cup inside refers to the measuring cup that comes with the soymilk machine itself!


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