Pickled Tender Ginger

Pickled Tender Ginger

by Mother Maizi

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Pickled tender ginger is a simple homemade pickled dish, the main ingredient is tender ginger. There is not a saying: go to bed with radish and get out of bed with ginger. Even if you wake up in the morning and eat some ginger slices, it is also very healthy! My pickled tender ginger is very popular!"


Pickled Tender Ginger

1. Tender ginger from the vegetable farm

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

2. Remove the reddish part of the tender ginger, wash it, and dry it in a ventilated place

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

3. Ginger shavings

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

4. Add a little salt and stir well

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

5. Marinated to water

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

6. I started to make sweet and sour sauce. The ratio I saw on the Internet was water: vinegar: sugar=1:1:1. Put granulated sugar, white vinegar and water into a pot and boil it. I also added some dried roselle flowers and boiled together, and let it cool. use

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

7. The ginger slices that have been marinated for a period of time are squeezed out. I also rinsed it with pure water

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

8. Put the tender ginger slices in the jar

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

9. Pour in the cold sweet and sour sauce

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe

10. Store in the refrigerator, ready to eat after 2-3 days

Pickled Tender Ginger recipe


Because I can’t eat spicy, the slices made with a plane are very thin, much thinner than slices cut with a knife, so it’s not so spicy. Its practical sugar pickled ginger slices yields faster, and the marinated ginger slices are less expensive. It’s not so spicy and crispy. I added roselle for its good-looking color. If not, I won’t add it.


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