Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup

Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup

by Sheep kitchen

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Four red blood nourishing soup, bean flour waxy, sweet and delicious soup, made by mixing red dates, red beans and peanuts.
Red dates can invigorate the spleen and qi, improve blood deficiency and chlorosis. The polysaccharides in red dates can promote hematopoietic function; red beans can diuresis, reduce swelling, and invigorate the spleen. It contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, especially iron and vitamin B12, which can enrich blood and promote blood circulation. Women who lose blood during menstruation often have dizziness, dizziness and pale face. They often drink hot red bean soup with brown sugar, which can nourish blood and improve symptoms of anemia; peanuts are sweet in taste, beneficial to qi and spleen, nourishing blood and hemostasis.
The dual effect of peanut hemostasis and nourishment is mainly peanut red coat, which can inhibit the dissolution of fibrin, increase the quality of platelets, and promote the hematopoietic function of bone marrow. Therefore, peanut coat not only cures bleeding but also has curative effect on anemia caused by bleeding. 90% of anemia is iron-deficiency anemia, and diet therapy is safer and more effective than medication.
The above three kinds of ingredients have the function of nourishing the spleen and nourishing blood. It is effective when used alone, and the three flavors can be used in combination, which can enhance the blood nourishment effect.


Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup

1. Prepare the ingredients, soak the red beans for 12 hours in advance (more than 4 hours in summer)

Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup recipe

2. Wash the red beans, peanuts, red dates and put them in the pot

Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup recipe

3. Add enough water (the water for boiling the soup should be added at one time, do not add water in the middle, so that the original taste of the soup will be cooked, and the flavor is delicious)

Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup recipe

4. Cover and bring to a boil, turn to medium and low heat to simmer

Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup recipe

5. You can taste the red adzuki beans during the cooking process, and the taste becomes soft and waxy. Add brown sugar

Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup recipe

6. Stir well and boil again

Sanhong Nourishing Blood and Beauty Soup recipe


Adzuki beans should be soaked in advance to take out part of the fishy and astringent taste.
Add enough water for the soup at one time, and try to avoid adding water midway.


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