Sweet Soup

Sweet Soup

by Lily blossoms (from WeChat.)

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Our family often drinks this sweet soup, it is nutritious and delicious


Sweet Soup

1. Wash the peanuts, white fungus, barley rice, red adzuki beans, and lotus seed rice and put them in a purple casserole (the picture with water was accidentally deleted)

Sweet Soup recipe

2. Soak the wild lily in advance (12 hours). After soaking, wash it and put it in the purple casserole.

Sweet Soup recipe

3. Plug in the purple casserole, hit the automatic gear, and cook for one night

Sweet Soup recipe

4. Wake up the next morning, put the red dates (break the red dates in half) and rock sugar, cover the lid and cook

Sweet Soup recipe

5. Savory

Sweet Soup recipe

6. Add a bowl, give some freshly ground nutrient powder, give some milk powder, it's really delicious!

Sweet Soup recipe


Boil it in a purple casserole, cook it in the evening, and eat it the next morning (it is delicious with steamed buns and rolls for breakfast). The lily I bought is wild lily, so it must be soaked in advance. It is best to soak for 12 hours. My house I often make this sweet soup. (My mother always washes her hands after going to the bathroom in the early morning to give red dates and rock candy, and then goes to bed. I am much lazy than her. After giving red dates, it’s more than 6 o’clock. To get up, it’s better to give red dates and rock candy earlier),


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