Scallion Noodles

Scallion Noodles

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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Thank you Gourmet Jie for the ingredient experience. This buckwheat instant noodles really let me open it. I have used it for breakfast or dinner these days. Now this one is noodles with scallion oil residue, which has a richer taste than traditional scallion noodles. Friends can also try it next time, it tastes really good.


Scallion Noodles

1. The ingredients used on the back.

Scallion Noodles recipe

2. Disassemble the buckwheat instant noodles into a container.

Scallion Noodles recipe

3. Then add warm boiled water, the water temperature should not be too high.

Scallion Noodles recipe

4. Put the diced pork in a pot and stir-fry until the oil becomes oily.

Scallion Noodles recipe

5. The buckwheat instant noodles are in this state after they are soaked.

Scallion Noodles recipe

6. Pour the noodles into a bowl and add light soy sauce.

Scallion Noodles recipe

7. Add chopped green onion and drizzle with hot oil residue and lard at the end.

Scallion Noodles recipe

8. A portion of chive oil residue noodles is complete. Gelinuoer instant noodles, no need to boil more convenient

Scallion Noodles recipe


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