Fish Ball Soba

Fish Ball Soba

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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The fish balls in my hometown are always available at home. My elder came back last night and said I wanted to eat fish ball soup, so I took a bag of it out to defrost. This third-year baby was really hard, so I served him fish ball soup when he cooked it. Some instant noodles, buckwheat whole flour flavor. There is no burden to eat at night, and it takes a short time and tastes good.


Fish Ball Soba

1. Prepare the ingredients used.

Fish Ball Soba recipe

2. Pick celery and soak in salt water.

Fish Ball Soba recipe

3. Soak the buckwheat instant noodles in warm water to soften it.

Fish Ball Soba recipe

4. Add water to the pot and boil. Remove the fish balls from the pot, cook for 2 minutes, add celery, and season with salt.

Fish Ball Soba recipe

5. This is the soaked state of the buckwheat instant noodles.

Fish Ball Soba recipe

6. Pour the noodles into a bowl, and mix the cooked fish ball soup with the noodles.

Fish Ball Soba recipe

7. In this way, a delicious little bit is completed.

Fish Ball Soba recipe


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