Steak Noodles

Steak Noodles

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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I had prepared steak, eggs, potatoes and milk for my children, but Xiao Zhang said he wanted to eat soaked noodles. If you want to eat it, you don't have to just soak it, so the breakfast is turned into steak noodles. Then potatoes and eggs have become a side meal, friends can also try it if they like it.


Steak Noodles

1. Prepare the ingredients used.

Steak Noodles recipe

2. The eggs are cooked in the pot.

Steak Noodles recipe

3. The steak is cooked in the pan.

Steak Noodles recipe

4. The buckwheat instant noodles are soaked in warm water to this state.

Steak Noodles recipe

5. Pour the noodles into a bowl with controlled water, add red oil soy sauce and vinegar to taste.

Steak Noodles recipe

6. Eggs and potatoes are changed to a knife.

Steak Noodles recipe

7. Served with mixed soba noodles and fried steak.

Steak Noodles recipe

8. Steak noodles are complete, Gelinuoer instant noodles, no need to boil more convenient.

Steak Noodles recipe


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