Seaweed Chicken Roll

Seaweed Chicken Roll

by Moe City Food

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When I took my daughter to have morning tea last time, I found that she loves seaweed chicken rolls. My daughter has always been picky eaters. I didn’t expect this little chicken roll to make her like it so much. I couldn’t help but taste it. It was sweet and tender. The chicken was not firewood at all. The outside layer of seaweed made it chewy. Jin, no wonder children love it so much.
To make this snack, it is very important to choose a good seaweed, because some brands of seaweed will spread out during the frying process, which will affect the appearance and taste. Therefore, I chose the more cost-effective Parksonda seaweed. When it is used to roll the chicken paste, it will not break, and when it is fried, the seaweed will not separate from the meat. There is no pressure to make seaweed rolls!
Of course, this kind of seaweed can also be eaten directly. It is crispy and delicious and melts in the mouth. It is difficult for both adults and children to resist. Babies over one year old can eat seaweed in moderation, which not only tastes good, but also helps babies improve immunity and intelligence!


Seaweed Chicken Roll

1. The corn is blanched in boiling water for 2 minutes in advance.

Seaweed Chicken Roll recipe

2. The chicken breast and cornstarch are put into a food processor and stirred into a puree.

Seaweed Chicken Roll recipe

3. Take out the stirred meat paste and add the corn kernels, chopsticks mix the corn and meat paste evenly.

Seaweed Chicken Roll recipe

4. The chicken puree is put into the piping bag, and the seaweed is laid flat and extruded into a long strip.

Seaweed Chicken Roll recipe

5. Slowly roll the seaweed forward.

Seaweed Chicken Roll recipe

6. Add a little oil to the pan, put the seaweed rolls in the pan, and fry them on medium-low heat until the ends are golden.
Imported from South Korea, crispy and delicious, Parksonda Sweetheart Monster Seaweed.

Seaweed Chicken Roll recipe


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