Shrimp Cornballs

Shrimp Cornballs

by Nunu

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I bought a bag of takoyaki powder, it is very easy to adjust the flavor, and it is also good to have shrimp balls made with takoyaki powder.


Shrimp Cornballs

1. Mix takoyaki powder with water, beat in an egg, stir well and set aside

Shrimp Cornballs recipe

2. Brush the meatball plate with oil, pour 2/3 of the batter, add shrimp and corn, make up to a full cup

Shrimp Cornballs recipe

3. Use chopsticks to assist in flipping the balls to make up the batter

Shrimp Cornballs recipe

4. Repeatedly flip to make up the batter and make it into a ball shape

Shrimp Cornballs recipe

5. Continue to fry on low heat

Shrimp Cornballs recipe


It can be topped with teriyaki sauce, ketchup, salad dressing, etc., and you can mix it with it as you like.
The meatballs made with the flavored takoyaki powder are also delicious when eaten alone.


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