Octopus Dumplings

Octopus Dumplings

by Flying summer flowers

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Although it is said to be small octopus balls, but because the invagination is made of squid, maybe it should be called small squid balls. O(∩_∩)O haha~, this is a very patience-testing snack, but it can be changed according to the method. You can put all your favorite ingredients in it, including crab sticks, fresh shrimp, ham and corn, and the sauce can be changed according to your own preferences o(* ̄︶ ̄*)o”


Octopus Dumplings

1. Cut the squid into small pieces and scald them to pick up.

Octopus Dumplings recipe

2. Cut cabbage into small pieces.

Octopus Dumplings recipe

3. Takoyaki powder + water + eggs are stirred into a batter.

Octopus Dumplings recipe

4. Preheat the takoyaki mold and coat it with cooking oil.

Octopus Dumplings recipe

5. Pour in the batter and put on the diced squid and cabbage.

Octopus Dumplings recipe

6. When the bottom is formed, use a needle to pick up and carefully turn it over several times to make it evenly heated until golden.

Octopus Dumplings recipe

7. Finally, squeeze the salad dressing, tomato sauce, and sprinkle with bonito flakes and shredded seaweed.

Octopus Dumplings recipe


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