Corn Takoyaki

Corn Takoyaki

by LAyi.

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The small dumpling pot I bought is really easy to use. You can cook it a few times and make it better~


Corn Takoyaki

1. Wash the octopus in blanching water, then wash with cold water, wash the onion and cabbage and cut into pieces.

Corn Takoyaki recipe

2. Stir the eggs, flour, and water together to make it smooth without particles

Corn Takoyaki recipe

3. Turn on the switch to preheat for 30 seconds, and use an oil brush to oil every place

Corn Takoyaki recipe

4. Pour in the batter, just a little bit full, not too full

Corn Takoyaki recipe

5. Then serve as cabbage, onion, and squid, and then stand them up with tools

Corn Takoyaki recipe

6. Then pour a little bit of sticky into the corn, then pour a little bit of oil, and then sprinkle a little bit of water after 1 minute

Corn Takoyaki recipe

7. Finally, squeeze the teriyaki sauce, salad dressing, chopped seaweed, and bonito fish fillet.

Corn Takoyaki recipe


Pay attention to the batter, not too thick, you can add another egg. Also, be careful when you flip it the second time, don't worry. Finally, paired with tomato mushroom dragon fish and milk-flavored steamed buns is a perfect breakfast.


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