Snowy Mooncake

Snowy Mooncake

by Myosotis sylvatica

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As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, there are all kinds of moon cakes out there, which makes people feel uncomfortable to eat, but it is too troublesome to eat, so what should I do?

Today I will teach you how to make instant snowy mooncakes. The steps are very simple, and the fillings can be added according to the taste. It is delicious, simple and delicious.


Snowy Mooncake

1. first step:
Add the ice powder to the round plate, add pure milk, then stir (2 minutes), then add 40g of white cream until it is smooth and uniform, then put it in a fresh-keeping bag and stand at 0℃-10℃ for 30 minutes before taking it out (Note: the ratio of ice powder: pure milk: white cream is 10:5:2)

Snowy Mooncake recipe

2. The second step:
Thirty minutes later, take out the static filling skin, then divide it into several small balls, roll it out, wrap your favorite filling (banana or dragon fruit), wrap the filling and put it in the moon cake print. The appearance is printed out and placed on a square plate

Snowy Mooncake recipe

3. third step:
Guess what we should prepare for the third step? In fact, the third step is to be able to eat, haha, to put it simply, there are two steps, simple and rude and easy to learn, you can understand at a glance

Snowy Mooncake recipe


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