Snowy Mooncake

Snowy Mooncake

by Breakfast for Mother Sapling

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Every Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional moon cake. Do you want something different this year?

If you have been thinking about making it yourself, but you are worried that it will not be good or troublesome, it is especially recommended to try this snowy moon cake. It is simple and easy to make, without steaming or baking. The success rate is 100%. It’s too late to learn other complicated moon cakes. Don’t miss this more delicious food. Welcome to subscribe to Sapling Mom’s Breakfast Memo or search shumiao-mama


Snowy Mooncake

1. Purple potato puree, yam puree, snowy moon cake powder (300g is divided into two portions, one portion is original, and the other is green juice powder)

Purple potato puree, yam puree production method Purple potato, yam washed, peeled, steamed in a pot (about 15 minutes, prick with chopsticks, it is easy to penetrate and it means it is cooked)
Steamed purple sweet potato and yam are pressed into puree separately while hot, and can be seasoned with sugar, honey, yogurt or milk

Sapling mother made purple sweet potato with yogurt, yam with white sugar, stir until it can be clumped and not too dry

Snowy Mooncake recipe

2. Add the same amount of boiling water to the snowy mooncake powder (100g of snowy mooncake powder and 100g of boiling water), stir until there is no dry powder, dry until it is not hot, knead it into a smooth dough, cover with plastic wrap and wake up for half an hour.

The picture shows the original and the green juice powder

Snowy Mooncake recipe

3. When the noodles are awake, divide the mashed yam and the mashed purple potato into 20g portions, and knead them into small balls, first rub the yam, and then rub the purple potato so that it will not stain

After washing your hands, divide the mooncake skin into 30g portions and knead them into small balls

Snowy Mooncake recipe

4. Knead the kneaded mooncake crust into a round cake with a thick middle and thin edges, buckle it on the yam ball, and close it upside down with a tiger’s mouth, as shown in the figure

Snowy Mooncake recipe

5. Purple sweet potato version

Snowy Mooncake recipe

6. Coat the moon cake mold with a thin layer of oil to prevent sticking, put in the kneaded dough, and press out the shape.

Snowy Mooncake recipe


The finished mooncakes taste better when placed in the refrigerator for an hour~
The filling of snowy mooncakes can be freely used according to your own preferences. Sweet potato, pumpkin, red bean paste, and green bean paste are all possible.
The color can be matcha powder, pumpkin powder, purple potato powder, and get your own snowy mooncakes. O(∩_∩)O~

The sapling mother used 300g of cake crust and moon cake powder, 30g crust and 20g filling, making a total of 20

The ratio of filling to skin can also be 1:1, according to your own preferences~ as long as you are happy

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