Snowy Mooncake

Snowy Mooncake

by Lili big baby

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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Snowy Mooncake

1. I didn’t use this glutinous rice flour, I used the cooked flour of snowy mooncake skin directly

Snowy Mooncake recipe

2. Put snowy mooncake powder into the container! Stir in boiling milk! The ratio of powder to milk is 1:1

Snowy Mooncake recipe

3. Stir evenly and knead it on the non-stick panel when the temperature is not hot, and divide the portions according to your preference! It can also be white!

Snowy Mooncake recipe

4. Add two drops of food coloring to each dough and knead the color evenly

Snowy Mooncake recipe

5. According to the collocation you like psychologically, spread the colors layer by layer on the abrasive tool and press neatly

Snowy Mooncake recipe

6. Put the filling in the middle, wrap it up and seal with Qiaojin, a bit like making a pie, and use the closed side as a mooncake! Put it into the mold and press down! Demold

Snowy Mooncake recipe

7. After finishing, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate for one hour before eating! Taste better

Snowy Mooncake recipe


Take a 50g moon cake grinding tool as an example, 25g for the skin and 25g for the filling! The milk for kneading must be heated to boiling! This way the dough is stronger!


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