Soup Rice

Soup Rice

by Soft blue crystal

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Although rice in soup is not good for digestion, ordinary people sometimes have to eat more casually, and some people like to eat rice in soup, which is not too dry, and it is comfortable to eat. Digestion is difficult. I am more casual with my diet, and if I take it too seriously, I will live too much.


Soup Rice

1. First boil a pot of rib soup.

Soup Rice recipe

2. Then simmer the rice well.

Soup Rice recipe

3. Pour a small amount of oil and salt into the boiling water pot, and put the lettuce into the cut.

Soup Rice recipe

4. Then continue to boil the carrots until soft.

Soup Rice recipe

5. The rice is put into the container.

Soup Rice recipe

6. Place the lettuce upside down on the plate and surround the lettuce.

Soup Rice recipe

7. Pour the ribs soup. Garnish with carrots.

Soup Rice recipe


Soak the rice in plain water, it will taste delicious without rib soup.


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