Serve Broccoli

Serve Broccoli

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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In the restaurant, I ate a broccoli soup. It was not expensive, it was only 59 yuan a small plate (distressed), just a few preserved eggs, a little egg white, salted egg yolk, and a few small tuo broccoli. The soup was Baozhi class...
Don't ask me why I know, I drink water as soon as I eat MSG. I really don't like eating out.
In fact, the broccoli is just a few chopsticks on the CD. It is especially suitable for making at home, because it is super easy to make, but it tastes very rich. I will make it by myself immediately after I get home. I love the inside. Salted egg yolks and preserved eggs, make them yourself, put as many as you want, and the cost will not exceed 20 yuan...


Serve Broccoli

1. Broccoli is broken into small flowers, washed and soaked in light salt water for half an hour, removed, and dried in water for later use.
Try to soak it in salt water for a few minutes before eating, so that the cabbage worms will run out and help eliminate residual pesticides. Since my friend said that a lot of worms have been found in the broccoli, I dare not eat it directly. I don’t dare to eat it without soaking for half an hour.

Serve Broccoli recipe

2. Cut the scallions and garlic, peel the preserved eggs and cut them into pieces. After the salted duck eggs are cooked, put them in cold water and soak them in cold water. Change the glutinous egg whites and cut them into small pieces. If you want to save trouble, just use the salted egg yolk and cut it directly. It can be divided into four petals.

Serve Broccoli recipe

3. Put water in the pot, add a little salt and a few drops of oil, put the broccoli in the pot after the water is boiled, blanch it until it changes color and remove it.

Serve Broccoli recipe

4. Quickly put it in cold water and let it cool. After soaking in cold water, the processed broccoli will taste soft and crispy, especially delicious.

Serve Broccoli recipe

5. Wash the dried shrimps with clean water and dry them for later use.

Serve Broccoli recipe

6. Put a little oil in the pan, put the preserved egg in the pan and fry it for a while, add garlic and fry it to create a fragrant flavor.

Serve Broccoli recipe

7. Add the salted egg yolk and stir fry until the salted egg yolk is sandy.

Serve Broccoli recipe

8. Pour the ribs soup. In summer, drinking more soup. The water is especially good for your body. When the soup is usually stewed, put a bowl of soup that has not been salted in advance, put it in the refrigerator, and use a spoon to remove the layer of oil on the surface. Come on, this is a nutritious broth. I really don’t bother to cook the soup. I will teach you a way. Turn on our faucet, put a bowl into the pot...

Serve Broccoli recipe

9. After the soup is boiled, pour in the cold broccoli and cook until the firmness you like.

Serve Broccoli recipe

10. Add salt and chopped green onion when out of the pot. If you like, you can also add a little sesame oil to increase the fragrance. The salted egg yolk is salty, so be sure to taste the salt before adding salt!

Serve Broccoli recipe


This soup dish can not only make broccoli, but also baby cabbage, loofah, spinach, bean sprouts, choy sum, Shanghai greens, etc. You can add whatever you like, and you can also add your child’s favorite ham. , Shrimp, etc., the nutrition is better.
If you want better nutrition and taste, you can use pork bones and old hens to make a pot of stock and put it in the refrigerator to make soup. After the broth is refrigerated, remove the slick oil without adding salt, and pack it in a fresh-keeping bag to freeze it. It is convenient when you need it...such as making soup, cooking porridge, wonton noodles, etc.!
In short, on the road of cooking, we should solve problems if we have difficulties, and create difficulties if we don’t have difficulties (hee)
If you like it, pay attention to Meimei, I have a lot of delicious ones, and I will teach you how to make them one by one!


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