Spicy Fried Chips

Spicy Fried Chips

by He Xiaohe

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Recently, I have no appetite, and I just want to eat spicy dishes. One day at noon, I had my own lunch, and I was so overwhelmed to eat.
The name was given because it was all cut into slices. It is very homely and delicious.


Spicy Fried Chips

1. Prepare ingredients.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

2. All the ingredients are processed, and finally cut into slices.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

3. Cut the lettuce into sections. This is a mess. I like the aroma of lettuce so much, so I added two stalks.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

4. Treat the green onion, ginger and garlic, and slice it.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

5. Boil the soup pot with water, add potato chips and yams and cook for 1 minute, then add the noodles and cook until soft, then remove and drain the water and set aside.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

6. Add oil to the wok and sauté the scallions and ginger, then add the spicy fragrant pot bottom ingredients and continue to fry.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

7. Stir-fried spicy hot pot bottom material, the fragrance is so tempting.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

8. Add all kinds of slices and stir-fry well. You don't need to stir-fry for too long. If the cucumber is stir-fried for a long time, the water will not taste good.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

9. Add the chopped lettuce and stir-fry until raw.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

10. Add the boiled and drained noodles and stir-fry.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe

11. Sprinkle some ripe sesame seeds on it and start it.

Spicy Fried Chips recipe


Cut potato chips and yams thinly. Don't cook them for too long. It's better to keep them crispy and tender.


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