Steamed Crispy Pork

Steamed Crispy Pork

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Famous Sichuan and Sichuan dishes, "crispy" and beautiful fragrance.


Steamed Crispy Pork

1. Prepare homemade crispy meat

Steamed Crispy Pork recipe

2. Put green onion, peppercorns, dried chili, sliced ginger, star anise in a bowl

Steamed Crispy Pork recipe

3. Pour in a small bowl of water, fresh soy sauce and a little white pepper, and stir well

Steamed Crispy Pork recipe

4. Then put the crispy meat in a bowl and mix well; Vantage steamer JZD33-Z3B preheated at 100 degrees, put it in the steamer, and steam for 40 minutes.

Steamed Crispy Pork recipe


1. Enjoy the steamed crispy meat while it is hot, it is very fragrant and delicious
2. If you want a darker color, you can add a little soy sauce


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