Pea Tip Crispy Broth

Pea Tip Crispy Broth

by Leaf Agnes

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Well, the most eaten soup during the first month of the New Year is the pea-tip crispy broth. At that time, the pea tips in Shudi were tender, and every household had fried crispy meat again, so it was perfect to cook the soup together. But I don't eat pea tips very much here. Finally, they are sold occasionally in supermarkets, and they are super expensive and painful.


Pea Tip Crispy Broth

1. Prepare all kinds of raw materials, wash the peas tips, and cut the crispy meat into strips for later use.

Pea Tip Crispy Broth recipe

2. Crush the ginger slices and add cold water to the pot.

Pea Tip Crispy Broth recipe

3. After the water is boiled, add the cut crispy meat, boil for a while on high heat, and the soup begins to turn white.

Pea Tip Crispy Broth recipe

4. Add the pea tips and cook again, 30 seconds is enough, the pea tips will be cooked quickly.

Pea Tip Crispy Broth recipe

5. Add the right amount of salt, a little chicken bouillon, and chopped green onions before starting the pan, and you're done.

Pea Tip Crispy Broth recipe


The crispy pork is fried in advance. For how to make crispy pork, please refer to my last recipe.


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