Three Bean Soy Milk

Three Bean Soy Milk

by MissChen

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Soybeans grown at home are harvested, so I have been drinking soy milk for the past two days. This morning I also added the mung beans and red beans I bought before to make soy milk together, occasionally making it less monotonous and more nutritious.

Now almost every family has a soymilk machine. It is very convenient when you want to drink soymilk. Put the ingredients into the soymilk machine, add water, turn on the electricity, and it will do the rest of the work. Our soymilk machine has a net cover and has a cooking function, so it is very convenient to make.

I drink soy milk without sugar, I like to drink the original flavor, so you can add it according to your personal taste after making it. "


Three Bean Soy Milk

1. Prepare three kinds of beans

Three Bean Soy Milk recipe

2. Wash the beans

Three Bean Soy Milk recipe

3. Put the beans into the net cover of the soymilk machine

Three Bean Soy Milk recipe

4. Add boiling water to the upper and lower water level

Three Bean Soy Milk recipe

5. Install the soymilk cup on the base, turn on the power and press the soymilk button

Three Bean Soy Milk recipe

6. The soy milk is ready when the reminder sounds, then add sugar according to personal taste

Three Bean Soy Milk recipe


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