Wormwood Juice Toast

Wormwood Juice Toast

by Okay~ellipsis

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Wormwood has many functions, such as expelling wind, dehumidifying, and regulating menstruation. It can be used to treat rheumatism, arthralgia, skin pruritus, and irregular menstruation. The wormwood is squeezed into juice and used to make toast. It is not only delicious but also healthy. I really like the light fragrance of wormwood. After eating, the mouth is very fragrant and refreshing.


Wormwood Juice Toast

1. Wash the wormwood

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

2. Soak the wormwood in cold water after boiling water

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

3. Squeezed wormwood into juice

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

4. Put all the ingredients in the bread machine to set the dough for 10 minutes, stop for 15 minutes and then mix the dough for 20 minutes, knead until the glove film is released, and perform a blend in the bread machine

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

5. Vent the air after one shot, divide into three equal parts, roll round, cover with plastic wrap and proof for 20 minutes

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

6. Roll long

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

7. Fold the sides to the middle

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

8. Roll up from bottom to top

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

9. Put the toast box into the oven and put a pot of hot water in the oven for two servings

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe

10. After the second shot is completed, preheat the oven, brush with egg mixture, and bake at 200 degrees for 35 minutes.

Wormwood Juice Toast recipe


1. Put a little salt in the wormwood when boiling the water, and put it in the cold water immediately to keep the wormwood green.
2. Set the baking temperature and time according to your own oven temperament.
3. Cover with tin foil immediately after baking to the color you like.


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