Yam Sesame Biscuits

Yam Sesame Biscuits

by Hi Zhou Xiaoqian

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Yam has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, aiding digestion, concentrating weak sweat, and stopping diarrhea. It mainly treats spleen deficiency diarrhea, lung deficiency cough, diabetes and thirst reduction, short urination, nocturnal emission, chronic enteritis caused by women and indigestion; black sesame is used as medicine and food. , It has the effects of "tonifying the liver and kidney, nourishing the five internal organs, replenishing essence and blood, and moisturizing the dry intestines".

Yam Sesame Biscuits

1. Prepare the ingredients

Yam Sesame Biscuits recipe

2. The yam is steamed in advance, let cool, peeled, and pressed into a mud;

Yam Sesame Biscuits recipe

3. Put oil, sugar, honey and egg yolk in the basin and mix well;

Yam Sesame Biscuits recipe

4. Add yam puree, black and white sesame seeds, sift into low-gluten flour, and form a dough (do not knead too much);

Yam Sesame Biscuits recipe

5. Take about 10 grams of dough, roll it into a ball, use a fork to emboss a grid pattern or roll it into a dough, buckle it out with a mold, and place it on a baking tray;

Yam Sesame Biscuits recipe

6. The oven is energized, the upper and lower temperature is 170°C, preheat for 5 minutes, put the baking tray in and continue to bake for 20 minutes (specifically according to the thickness of the biscuit).

Yam Sesame Biscuits recipe


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