Yiqi Decoction

Yiqi Decoction

by Bean Emperor Boiled

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The main material of the party is dangshen, and party participation ginseng is different. Its characteristics are not as strong as those of ginseng, and it is relatively soft.
Recipe is quite effective for weak physique, fatigue, cold hands and feet, and can be used as tea to improve body functions under normal conditions.
Replenishing the middle energy, replenishing qi, replenishing blood and conditioning, invigorating the spleen and appetizing, soothing the nerves and refreshing the brain are all here...


Yiqi Decoction

1. Adjust the blanking according to the needs

Yiqi Decoction recipe

2. Chinese medicinal materials are generally dried directly and have a lot of dust. So you must wash and use before boiling

Yiqi Decoction recipe

3. Pour the ingredients into the health pot, add 0.9 liters of water, and start the health soup mode to boil slowly.

Yiqi Decoction recipe

4. It is not recommended to add rock sugar, because the sweetness of Codonopsis itself is quite high and there is no need to add it

Yiqi Decoction recipe

5. Great conditioning tea

Yiqi Decoction recipe


Chinese herbal medicines must be washed and used


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