Yogurt Fries

Yogurt Fries

by Moonlight's small kitchen

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The weather is hot, I don’t want to eat, I am too lazy to cook, I want to eat yogurt and French fries together on a whim, thinking it is a strange flower, but I didn’t expect it to be so delicious and the taste is first-rate...


Yogurt Fries

1. First make yogurt, I made yogurt with milk powder

Yogurt Fries recipe

2. The prepared yogurt will cool thoroughly and set aside...

Yogurt Fries recipe

3. Soak the agar in clean water for at least an hour in advance...

Yogurt Fries recipe

4. Prepare all the ingredients and milk powder and brew with cold boiled water for later...

Yogurt Fries recipe

5. Wash the potatoes and cut them into spike shapes, blanch them, rinse them with clean water, add in an appropriate amount of salt, pepper, and cooking oil, mix well, and put them in a pre-heated air fryer at 180 degrees and fry for 15 minutes about……

Yogurt Fries recipe

6. Put the fried potato chips on a plate for later...

Yogurt Fries recipe

7. Put the soaked agar into the soaked milk powder, bring to a boil on a low heat, and simmer slowly. When the agar is completely melted, turn off the heat

Yogurt Fries recipe

8. The boiled agar milk is filtered, and the yogurt produced in this way has a more delicate and smooth taste and a better taste...

Yogurt Fries recipe

9. Add yogurt to the filtered agar milk powder and stir evenly, then pour it into the mold, put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate it for about two hours...

Yogurt Fries recipe

10. Put the refrigerated yogurt from the mold

Yogurt Fries recipe

11. Add fried fries

Yogurt Fries recipe

12. Squeeze on the tomato sauce and eat...

Yogurt Fries recipe


1. Potatoes are best to be pre-made in advance, the cut potatoes are blanched, drained, and stored in the refrigerator. When used, they are thawed and deep-fried. The fries produced in this way taste better...
2; This recipe is purely your own original recipe. When borrowing it from a favorite friend, please indicate the original source, thank you


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