8-inch Cream Cake

8-inch Cream Cake

by Off-ball

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Although the cake is high in calories, it is always short of birthdays. "


8-inch Cream Cake

1. The cream is weighed well. Add 50 grams of sugar

8-inch Cream Cake recipe

2. Send at low speed until the lines are clear, and the whisk has a pointed tip.

8-inch Cream Cake recipe

3. Spread a piece of cake and put some cream on top of the dragon fruit. Spread some more cream. Spread 3 slices in sequence. Spread the cake body.

8-inch Cream Cake recipe

4. Use a medium eight-tooth decorating nozzle to squeeze out the white flowers. Squeeze a few drops of red pigment around the white flowers.

8-inch Cream Cake recipe

5. Sprinkle with small sugar beads. Decorated. The phone’s pixels are not so good to take pictures,

8-inch Cream Cake recipe

6. After cutting it open, there are only 2 pieces left.

8-inch Cream Cake recipe


The pigment must be used well.


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