Strawberry Cream Cake

Strawberry Cream Cake

by Merlot

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Life is so busy. In addition to revolving around the business, I have to revolve around the children and the stove. Busy people don’t have time to distribute recipes. This cake was made on my husband’s birthday at the beginning of the year, so let’s write it down! "


Strawberry Cream Cake

1. Bake the chiffon to cool in advance and cut into 3 slices of equal thickness. For the recipe of chiffon cake, please refer to

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

2. Add 30 grams of caster sugar to the whipped cream, beat with an electric whisk at low speed to 7 and distribute.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

3. Take a piece of cake, spread the cream, and evenly spread the sliced strawberries that were washed and cut beforehand.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

4. Spread a little more cream and cover with another slice of cake. Spread the same cream and spread the sliced mango evenly.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

5. Spread a little more cream, cover the remaining slice of cake, and spread cream on the surface and the periphery of the cake.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

6. Put the remaining cream in the piping bag.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

7. Squeeze a circle of your favorite fancy on the side of the cake and decorate it with strawberries.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

8. Finished picture.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe

9. It's not beautiful at all with a mobile phone.

Strawberry Cream Cake recipe


For those who don’t have the basics of piping, you can decorate with fruits just like me to cover the uneven surface. You can use any other fruit you like as the filling fruit.


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