Cute Bear Cake

Cute Bear Cake

by tgcyy

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A cute decorating cake, which is an absolute favorite for birthday children! "


Cute Bear Cake

1. raw material.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

2. The 8-inch chiffon is tied with bamboo sticks and divided into 3 pieces.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

3. Drain the canned yellow peaches, dice, peel and dice kiwi fruit.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

4. Add whipped cream with sugar and whip.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

5. Take a slice of cake, spread a layer of light cream, and place the diced fruit.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

6. Cover with a layer of cake slices, and then put a layer of fruit. Put more fruit on the lower center of the cake. This part is the bear's mouth.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

7. Cover the third piece of cake and gently press out the bear's mouth with your hands.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

8. Spread a thin layer of light cream.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

9. Draw the little bear with a toothpick.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

10. First use white light cream to squeeze out the eyes and mouth of the bear.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

11. Add cocoa powder to the whipped cream and beat well.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

12. Then use the dark whipped cream with cocoa powder to squeeze out the bear's mouth and nose. Use Oreo cookies to make bear eyes.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

13. Use 2 Oreo cookies, squeeze a little white whipped cream, and insert it between the top layer and the second layer of cake to make bear ears. You can squeeze a few eyelashes with dark light cream.

Cute Bear Cake recipe

14. Little bear cake, cute!

Cute Bear Cake recipe


The fruit in the sandwich layer of the cake can be whatever you like.


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