Amaranth in Soup

Amaranth in Soup

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The Dragon Boat Festival is about to come. What else can I eat besides rice dumplings? Different places have different customs, such as the custom of eating "five yellows" in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. Five yellows refer to cucumber, rice field eel, yellow croaker, Gaoyou duck egg yolk, and realgar wine; northern Zhejiang has the custom of eating tofu; while Nanjing has the custom of eating "five reds." The custom of five reds is "roast duck, amaranth, duck eggs in red oil, lobster, and realgar wine. It is said that if you eat these five reds on Dragon Boat Festival, you can escape the summer heat and ward off evil spirits, and your life can be prosperous and happy. Today, I will tell you Sharing amaranth is a very traditional Han nationality dish. It belongs to the Cantonese cuisine series. Just pay attention to four points. There is no need for broth. The soup can also be salty, fragrant and milky. Let’s take a look at the specific description!


Amaranth in Soup

1. Prepare the required materials, clean the amaranth and cut into small pieces, mince garlic and millet, peel off the shell of preserved eggs and salted duck eggs, and chop the preserved eggs for later use;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

2. Start the pot, pour in the right amount of water, add a few drops of cooking oil and half a teaspoon of salt; add a few drops of oil to make the amaranth more color, and add the right amount of salt to keep the amaranth with a bottom taste;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

3. After boiling, add the roots of the amaranth first, and then add the amaranth leaves half a minute later, until the red is boiled, then boil again;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

4. Then remove and drain the water and put it in a slightly deep dish for later use;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

5. Start the pan again, pour in a little cooking oil, add minced garlic and chopped peppers after the oil is hot, stir fry for a fragrance; if you can’t eat spicy food or don’t like spicy food, you can ignore the peppers;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

6. Then pour in the salted duck eggs and preserved eggs, crush the salted duck eggs with a spatula, and stir-fry them together until the skin of the preserved eggs is slightly charred and slightly golden, and a lot of bubbles emerge from the pot;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

7. Pour in a bowl of boiling water and add a little edible salt, because the salted egg yolk has a salty taste, so you only need a little edible salt;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

8. Wait until the soup is boiled until thick, then turn off the heat, and then directly pour the soup on the amaranth;

Amaranth in Soup recipe


1. Pour boiling water, and it's best to pour it all at once. This is the key to the milky soup! Of course, if there is broth, it is better, so that the amaranth tastes better;
2. Fried preserved eggs with oil can effectively remove the alkaline taste of preserved eggs, which can stimulate the umami taste of preserved eggs more than directly boiled in the soup;
3. The blanching time of amaranth must be grasped. Amaranth is very easy to cook. If the heat is not controlled well, it will lose its tender taste, so pay attention to it;
4. Amaranth must be tender. When buying vegetables, you can check the thickness of the roots to see if the roots are easily broken, etc. You can refer to various aspects, or just remove the roots, leaving only the leaves;


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