Amaranth in Soup

Amaranth in Soup

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Amaranth is soft and rotten, fragrant and delicious. It is a top-quality health care product. Amaranth contains anthocyanins. Eating more is good for the body.


Amaranth in Soup

1. Soak the amaranth in the rice-washed water, wash and remove and drain the water for use;

Amaranth in Soup recipe

2. Prepare minced garlic, shredded ham, and preserved eggs for later use; wash tea tree mushrooms for later use

Amaranth in Soup recipe

3. Heat oil in a pan, sauté the minced garlic, add tea tree mushrooms and ham shreds and stir fry for a fragrant flavor (the shredded ham can also be put together with preserved eggs at the end)

Amaranth in Soup recipe

4. Add the amaranth and stir fry for a minute

Amaranth in Soup recipe

5. Then add appropriate amount of broth or water, bring to a boil on high heat and turn to medium heat, put the preserved egg and cook for three minutes

Amaranth in Soup recipe

6. Finally, add salt and sugar to taste, cook for a minute, add a little chicken essence and start the pan.

Amaranth in Soup recipe


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