Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup

Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup

by Chef Lei's Food

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Looking at this bowl of apple, red dates and wolfberry soup, do you drool? Anyway, I'm the rhythm of drooling while codewords. My daughter likes to eat apples. Our family buys apples box by box. This time I try a new way. Collective praise!

This time I was fortunate enough to get the Red Fuji apple from the Shaoxian Team. This apple is suitable for the whole family to eat. It is natural and does not contain pesticides. So I tried a new way of eating.

After the apple is steamed, it combines the taste of red dates and wolfberry. It is very good. Forgive me for my poor words, I don’t know how to describe it. I only know that my husband who always has a mouthful has a bite. He eats it while saying it is delicious, so I am confident that this way of eating is really good!


Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup

1. First, prepare an apple. I used the Young Fresh Red Fuji apple. It has a faint fragrance and a natural red. It is not the kind that makes people uncomfortable to look at it at first glance. It is not slippery I feel relieved to eat for children!

Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup recipe

2. Clean the young red Fuji apples, peel them, and cut them into small pieces.

Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup recipe

3. Prepare red dates and goji berries. The dosage of red dates and goji berries can be quantified according to your preferences.

Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup recipe

4. Cut each red date with a knife.

Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup recipe

5. Put the apple, red dates, and wolfberry in a casserole, add a small piece of yellow rock sugar, and then add a glass of water. Bring to a boil on high heat and simmer slowly on low heat.

Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup recipe

6. When the apples and red dates are completely boiled, it is fine. Let's eat out of the pot!

Apple, Red Date, Wolfberry Soup recipe


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