Apple Yam Scam

Apple Yam Scam

by Hua Qing Rouyi

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I think Skon is the fastest baking, and for novices, it is basically zero failure. This apple yam Skon is not only delicious, but also not high in calories, so it can be eaten "unbridled".

Apple Yam Scam

1. Cut the butter into 1 cm cubes;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

2. Cut the apple into pieces;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

3. Mix low-gluten flour, yam powder, and baking powder through a sieve, and sift into the butter;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

4. Mix evenly with butter to form coarse corn flour;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

5. Pour the chopped apples into the powder;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

6. Stir evenly;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

7. Put in powdered sugar, milk powder, salt, and mix well;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

8. Use your hands to directly mix the apple powder into a scone embryo with a diameter of about 5-6 cm;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

9. Make all the Scone embryos one by one and place them in the mold;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

10. Put an appropriate amount of almond slices on the surface for decoration;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

11. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of sugar;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

12. Put the oven into the preheated oven, 170 degrees for 30 minutes;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

13. Take it out and let cool;

Apple Yam Scam recipe

14. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The fragrance of apple and almond is combined, it is delicious.

Apple Yam Scam recipe


1. Clean the surface of the apple without peeling it;
2. When making Sikang embryos, remember not to take too much shots, just finalize the shape;
3. The performance of the oven is different, so the time and temperature should be flexibly controlled.


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