Baking Gingerbread

Baking Gingerbread

by Lu Zhen

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I made black sesame paste last time. I grind a lot of black sesame powder, just to make a sugar pie! The pasta version, the taste is noisy and soft, black sesame powder + glutinous rice flour + white sugar + lard as the filling, use a pan to resist, it is fragrant!

Baking Gingerbread

1. To make the filling, black sesame powder, glutinous rice flour, white sugar, according to the ratio of 2:3:1, add a proper amount of warm water, and then dig 1 spoon of lard (to increase aroma)

Baking Gingerbread recipe

2. Stir while adding to the water until it is mixed to a suitable level of dryness and wetness, and the filling is ready

3. For the dough, take the dry flour and put it in a mixing bowl, dissolve 5 grams of yeast with warm water, then pour into the flour and stir, while stirring, pour in an appropriate amount of cold water and knead it into a soft dough.

Baking Gingerbread recipe

4. Knead the made dough repeatedly, and knead it into a strip

Baking Gingerbread recipe

5. Cut into small noodles. Cut into small noodles, press flat, and put the black sesame filling that has been mixed in the center of the dough

Baking Gingerbread recipe

6. Like a bun, wrap it well and close it. Close the mouth down and press flat

7. Spread a little water on the surface, sprinkle the black sesame seeds on the surface, and gently press to let the sesame seeds adhere to the dough. Pour an appropriate amount of vegetable oil in the pan, and put the sugar cake in

Baking Gingerbread recipe

8. Fry the sugar pie into golden brown on both sides, and the aroma of the surface will waft out. Note that the fire should not be too high, and slowly fry on a low fire. (You can cover the pan during this period to make the sugar pie cooked faster)

9. The soft and delicious sugar cakes are ready to serve! The dough cakes are almost cooked

Baking Gingerbread recipe
Baking Gingerbread recipe
Baking Gingerbread recipe
Baking Gingerbread recipe


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