Five Kernel Moon Cakes

Five Kernel Moon Cakes

by Jinling Meizi

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Wuren mooncakes are one of the oldest flavors in mooncakes. However, this classic mooncake filling has received various complaints from many netizens in the past two years, and even made Wuren out of the mooncake world. However, five-nut mooncakes are very popular in my house. The main reason is that the fillings prepared by ourselves are fresh, full of flavor, moderate oil and sugar, one bite, full of pralines, our family's five-nut mooncake sticks clatter!

Five Kernel Moon Cakes

1. Put the syrup and liquid soap in the container and mix well, then pour in peanut oil and continue to mix well

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe

2. Sift in the moon cake powder and mix well. Put it into a fresh-keeping bag and let it stand for two hours at room temperature.

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe

3. Use this time to start filling, first roast all the nuts, peel, crush, dry the grapes, dry the water and mix well with the nuts, add maltose, corn oil, powdered sugar, white wine and appropriate amount of cooked glutinous rice Mix the powder until the filling can form a dough, cover with plastic wrap and leave it for half an hour before use

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe

4. Divide into several portions according to 18 grams each of the pie crust and 32 grams each of the fillings, and cover with plastic wrap for moisture

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe

5. Take a portion of the pie crust, knead it and squeeze it, put a portion of the filling, turn it upside down with a method similar to wrapping Lantern Festival, until the filling is completely covered

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe

6. Roll the wrapped dough with dry powder and put it in the moon cake mold to form a shape

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe

7. Place the wrapped mooncake embryos neatly in the baking tray, put them in the middle of the preheated oven, bake at 195°C for 5 minutes, take out a little cool, and rinse a thin layer of egg liquid on the pattern, and continue to put it in the oven. Fire up and down at 170 degrees for 15 minutes

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe

8. After the mooncakes are baked until they bulge and become golden brown, put the baked mooncakes on the drying rack to cool, and store them in a fresh-keeping box at room temperature for one to two days. The oil will become soft and ready for consumption.

Five Kernel Moon Cakes recipe


1. If you make your own liquid soap, please use the ratio of edible alkali and water as 1:3
2. When the pie crust dough is standing still, put it at room temperature, and the time should not be less than two hours.
3. Do not have too much dry powder when pressing, if the crust is too dry, spray water on the surface of the mooncake before baking.
4. The egg liquid should only be washed on the surface with patterns, it must be a thin layer, more will affect the effect of the pattern
5. The ingredients of the five-core filling can be adjusted by yourself. All the nuts must be roasted first. Putting white wine is to make the filling more fragrant and suitable for preservation


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