Sesame Gnocchi

Sesame Gnocchi

by Xiaoqi Feifei

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I like to eat sesame


Sesame Gnocchi

1. Prepare lard, black sesame flour, glutinous rice, soak and drain the water in advance

Sesame Gnocchi recipe

2. The drained glutinous rice is put into a food processor to make glutinous rice flour, sieved repeatedly, and the large particles are re-beaten into flour

Sesame Gnocchi recipe

3. Add black sesame powder and sugar lard to mix into stuffing

Sesame Gnocchi recipe

4. Add glutinous rice flour to hot water and knead into a ball, cover with plastic wrap

Sesame Gnocchi recipe

5. Take it out and cut it into small pieces and make it into a round shape

Sesame Gnocchi recipe

6. Flatten, put in black sesame filling, wrap, and round

Sesame Gnocchi recipe

7. Add water to the pot, boil the water and add the dumplings, and cook until they float.

Sesame Gnocchi recipe


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