Lai Tangyuan

Lai Tangyuan

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Lai Tangyuan is also a famous snack in Chengdu~~~ But this snack is very famous~~~Foreign tourists who come to Chengdu to play are basically one of the snacks that will go to eat~~~
And Lai Tangyuan’s glutinous rice dumpling filling is the most famous black sesame filling~~~ it can be called a classic~~
Early in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening~~Every moment, a bowl of hot black sesame stuffing glutinous rice balls when served on the table, the color is white~~ Take a bite, the glutinous rice balls are soft and soft, and the glutinous rice balls fillings are sweet and heavy.
Delicious must be classic~~

Lai Tangyuan

1. Prepare raw materials: glutinous rice flour, black sesame powder, lard, soft white sugar;

Lai Tangyuan recipe

2. Mix black sesame powder, lard, and soft sugar, knead into glutinous rice dumplings for later use;

Lai Tangyuan recipe

3. Add glutinous rice flour to a moderate amount of warm water to form a slightly moist dough;

Lai Tangyuan recipe

4. Take an appropriate amount of dough, round and flatten it;

Lai Tangyuan recipe

5. Wrap the black sesame filling, close the mouth, and round;

Lai Tangyuan recipe

6. Make all the glutinous rice balls;

Lai Tangyuan recipe

7. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the boiling pot to boil, put the dumplings in the pot and cook;

Lai Tangyuan recipe

8. After the glutinous rice balls are boiled until they float, turn to low heat and cook for a while before removing them for consumption.

Lai Tangyuan recipe


1. When the glutinous rice ball filling just starts to knead the noodles, it will be very loose, and you need to be patient and slowly knead;
2. Because it is made at home, I did not divide the glutinous rice dough and glutinous rice dumpling filling equally; just grab a small ball of glutinous rice dough and wrap it with proper amount of glutinous rice dumpling filling.


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