Banjin Fried Rice

Banjin Fried Rice

by Snoopy's big leather shoes

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When I was in college, I especially liked the fried rice in the small market. They had 30 or 40 kinds of fried rice, many of which were matched by themselves, and the taste was surprisingly good. I especially like the Banjin fried rice at that restaurant. I order this fried rice every time. Now that I graduated, I occasionally like to cook my own Banjin fried rice. I miss the old days.


Banjin Fried Rice

1. Wash the rapeseed and set aside, you can also use lettuce and cabbage instead

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

2. A bag of Yanji beef ribs

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

3. Rapeseed cut into small pieces

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

4. Put oil in the pot

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

5. Add the rapeseed and stir-fry until the color changes

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

6. After changing the color, add pepper powder and salt to taste

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

7. Add the beef slats and continue to fry

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

8. Pour the rice

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

9. Stir fry quickly

Banjin Fried Rice recipe

10. Stir-fry well, out of the pot

Banjin Fried Rice recipe


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