Sichuan Beef Tendon

Sichuan Beef Tendon

by Xiao Meng minor tune

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Cow board tendons are the two main muscles on the back of the cow that connect the muscles of the whole body. It mainly contains protein and a small amount of amino acids. From a nutritional point of view, it is not very rich. However, people's love for beef flat tendon is not mainly reflected in the nutritional level, but because it is chewy, and the more it is chewed, the more flavorful it is. I remember that when I was young, I could bring a lot of small snacks during the spring and autumn outings. The beef slab tendon is one of the indispensable ones. One of them was greasy. From this perspective, the love for cattle banjin is more the love for childhood memories.


Sichuan Beef Tendon

1. Wash beef ribs and set aside

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

2. Prepare 3 slices of ginger, 1 scallion white, 7-8 slices of bay leaves for later use

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

3. Pour the prepared beef ribs, ginger slices, green onion, and bay leaves into the pressure cooker, add water and simmer for 45 minutes. (Add a little more clean water, add 2 more finger joints as deep as the ingredients after the ingredients, because the beef plate tendons are not easy to stew. Add more water to avoid the danger of the pressure cooker.)

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

4. After the stewed beef slab tendon is served, let it cool down

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

5. Tear the cool beef board tendon into thin strips by hand (the thinner the better, because the flavor is more delicious after adding the seasoning)

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

6. Making seasoning: Pour a small amount of oil in the wok, add the prepared minced garlic and green onion, and fry until fragrant, turn off the heat

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

7. Add pepper powder and chili powder in an empty bowl, and pour in the minced garlic, chopped green onion and oil, mix well and add to the beef slab tendon

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

8. Continue to add 1.5 porcelain spoons of light soy sauce

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

9. Add 0.5 porcelain spoon of soy sauce

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

10. Add 1 porcelain spoon of sesame oil

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe

11. Add 0.5 porcelain spoon of red oil, sprinkle with white sesame seeds, mix well and serve

Sichuan Beef Tendon recipe


The amount of pepper, pepper, and salt is adjusted according to personal taste.


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