Bayberry and Lychee Syrup

Bayberry and Lychee Syrup

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Bayberry is a very seasonal fruit, and its production will be reduced in strong wind or continuous rain. It was rare to see fresh bayberry in the north. This year, the weather is strong, and fresh and attractive bayberry can be seen everywhere in markets and supermarkets.

Bayberry is rich in vitamin C, which can stimulate the production of immune substances and improve immunity. In addition, bayberry has a good effect of regenerating body fluid in the mouth and relieving symptoms caused by heat and body damage caused by dry mouth, hoarse voice, and swelling and sore throat.

Lychee is also a unique fruit in summer. With the great harvest of lychee, this year you can stock up on the concubine at a reasonable price!

In the hot summer, some bayberry + lychee for comfort.


Bayberry and Lychee Syrup

1. Disposal of lychees: After peeling the lychees, soak them in light salt water for a while, which can prevent virtual fire and wake up the spleen.

Bayberry and Lychee Syrup recipe

2. Treat bayberry: First rinse bayberry with small flowing water, then soak it in light salt water for half an hour, and finally wash it with clean water. (The bayberry is easy to hide insects. After soaking in light salt water, the insects can be forced out. This CU has a small insect paper soaked.)

Bayberry and Lychee Syrup recipe

3. Boil 500ml of water. When the water is boiled, turn to low heat. Add 1 kg of bayberry, add rock sugar according to personal taste, cook for 10 minutes, add 5-6 lychees, and cook for 2 minutes to turn off the heat.

Bayberry and Lychee Syrup recipe

4. After the sugar water cools to room temperature, put it in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours. You can add some ice cubes or smoothies when you eat.
Sweet and sour, icy and cold, plum branches and branches are the taste of summer.

Bayberry and Lychee Syrup recipe


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