Bean Paste Toast

Bean Paste Toast

by Happy and happy

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Mommy has come to share the bread recipe again. Bread is a staple food that often appears in my family's breakfast. I make it at least once a week. Although the ingredients in the recipe are similar, the collocation is slightly different, and the shape is changed. Bread is also different. Every time I make bread, the two children in my family will wait for the bread to come out of the oven. The little glutton is also very cute. Sometimes I can take a photo for me. It’s also good. The children love to eat the bread I made. The more motivated I will be to do it.

Today this bread is red bean paste toast, and it was also ordered by two children in my family. I made a large toast and two small toasts, which is enough for two meals. There are often friends who leave messages saying that making bread is too difficult. It is really not a simple matter. The liquid content of the bread formula is relatively high, and it is sticky at the beginning of kneading. It can save a little effort if it is manually kneaded. When kneading noodles, many people will want to give up at the very beginning. But once I succeed in making bread by myself, I will become more and more addicted. For example, I do it once a week now. If I don't make it, I feel like something is missing.

Not much to say, the recipe for red bean paste toast bread is low in sugar and no oil, but the red bean paste is sweet, and children like it. If you like it too, give it a try!

Bean Paste Toast

1. Prepare the corresponding ingredients for making bread. The flour needs high-gluten wheat flour for bread, and the bean paste filling can be made by yourself or bought. Yeast powder must be resistant to high-sugar yeast powder;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

2. Put the water and eggs in the mixing bowl first, then add the salt and sugar;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

3. Then pour the golden arowana bread with wheat flour into the basin, and put in the milk powder and high-sugar-tolerant yeast powder at the same time;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

4. Install the mixing bowl on the cook machine, first start the first gear, then start the second gear, and finally the third gear, knead the dough until it is smooth;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

5. The dough becomes smoother as you knead it, pull out a piece of dough and place it on your palm to stretch out a thin mask;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

6. Round the kneaded dough and put it in a small basin, cover it with plastic wrap, and let it stand to ferment to 2-2.5 times its size;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

7. The volume of the fermented dough is obviously increased, the surface is elastic, and it will not collapse or shrink when you poke it with your fingers;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

8. Put the fermented dough on the kneading mat, ventilate and knead it evenly, first divide it into two equal-sized doughs, then divide one of them into two equal-sized doughs, cover with plastic wrap, and let stand for 15 minutes;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

9. After standing for 15 minutes, the dough is bigger again;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

10. Take out a piece of dough, ventilate and knead it, use a rolling pin to roll it out into a tongue shape, the width is about the same as the width of the toast box you want to put in;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

11. Spread the red bean paste filling on the rolled dough, don't spread it too thick, just spread it evenly;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

12. Roll up the buns covered with red bean paste from top to bottom;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

13. Use a knife to make a few cuts on the surface, just enough to expose the bean paste filling;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

14. Roll out the remaining two noodle rolls in turn, smear the red bean paste, cut the opening with a knife after the roll, then put it in the prepared toast box, put it in a warm and humid place for fermentation, usually it can be put into In the oven, put a plate of hot water at the bottom to help warm and humidify. You can also cover it with plastic wrap and leave it on the balcony for fermentation at room temperature in a sunny area.

Bean Paste Toast recipe

15. The fermented dough is white and elastic, and the height is almost 90% of the height of the toast box;

Bean Paste Toast recipe

16. Put the toast box in the preheated oven and bake at 150 degrees for 40 minutes. (Please adjust the specific temperature and time according to your own oven).

Bean Paste Toast recipe

17. The baked bread should be taken out in time and put on a drying net to dissipate heat. After the heat dissipates, the noodle packaging bag should be sealed and stored. If it is eaten the next day, it is good to eat it directly or to bake it.

Bean Paste Toast recipe

18. [Say a few more words]:
▲To make bread, especially toast bread, it is recommended to use high-gluten wheat flour for bread. The arowana high-gluten wheat flour in this recipe is a special bread flour, 100% imported wheat as raw material, and its water absorption is better than domestic high-gluten flour. The flour is also relatively delicate, with a soft taste, easy to draw, and it is good for making small bread or toast;

▲The red bean paste in the recipe is purchased from the supermarket, and the taste is relatively sweet. If you want low sugar, you can choose to make the red bean paste yourself. The amount of sugar can be better controlled;

▲The two fermentation method is used here for the fermentation of bread. The current weather is cold, the room temperature is low, and it is not easy to ferment. It is recommended to put it in the oven and use the oven's own fermentation function for fermentation, which can shorten some time.

Bean Paste Toast recipe

19. ▲The bread kneading process will be relatively long. The dough must produce fascia during continuous kneading to make the finished bread taste better. Therefore, you must not be lazy when kneading the dough. You can not knead yourself. You can use the bread machine. Or use a chef's machine to knead the noodles, which saves much effort;

Bean Paste Toast recipe


▲Be sure to take out the baked bread in time to dissipate heat, and pack the unfinished bread into a bag and seal it to keep the bread's good taste. If you want to keep it for a long time, you need to freeze it.


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