Bean Paste Yokan

Bean Paste Yokan

by Mua is as light as a chrysanthemum

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When I was a child, there was such a snack in my memory called "Sheep Liver Soup." At that time, I didn't quite understand the feeling of not being able to eat meat. Why was it called? And it’s sweet and greasy, and it’s uncomfortable. It’s too sweet, so I don’t eat much, but this does not prevent it from becoming an unforgettable snack in our childhood memories. Maybe the type of snacks at that time was not the same. Too much

Later, when I grew up, I deliberately searched why it was called this name. It turned out that it originated in China, and then it was introduced to Japan and became a local traditional snack. In the early days, yokan was indeed a soup made by adding mutton, and then cooled to serve as a frozen meal. In the later period, yokan was introduced to Japan, but from the Kamakura period to the Muromachi period, the Zen Buddhism was introduced. Because the monks cannot eat meat, the yokan gradually evolved into a jelly-shaped food made of beans. Since then, yokan has become a famous tea spot in the tea ceremony, and the Japanese have gradually developed and transformed yokan into a variety of different flavors of yokan today.

What I made today is the most basic one. According to my mother-in-law, my husband loved to eat when he was a child. When I wanted to make it, I found out that there were no red beans at home. I made it with the finished red bean paste for takeout. It was very sweet. , So I didn’t add sugar. The finished product tasted just right. If you like sweetness, you can add a little less sugar.


Bean Paste Yokan

1. Pour the isinglass powder into the cool white boil, soak for a while

Bean Paste Yokan recipe

2. The red bean paste is melted with boiling water

Bean Paste Yokan recipe

3. Boil until boiling

Bean Paste Yokan recipe

4. At this time the isinglass powder melts in water

Bean Paste Yokan recipe

5. Pour into the boiled bean paste water

Bean Paste Yokan recipe

6. Stir evenly

Bean Paste Yokan recipe

7. Put the plastic wrap in the fresh-keeping box, pour into the bean paste water, let cool and put it in the refrigerator to form and cut into pieces for consumption

Bean Paste Yokan recipe


I didn’t add sugar, you can taste the taste at the end, add a little sugar in moderation


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