Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup

by Yoha Kitchen

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Cantonese-style desserts are well-loved by people. You must have Cantonese-style afternoon tea when you go to Guangzhou. The desserts are even more indispensable. Red bean paste is one of the classic desserts. You will always try to make it yourself afterwards;
The red bean paste I pressed with a juice machine is really very delicate, except that the color is not as dark as the bean paste with the skin, and the degree of fineness is not comparable to that of boiled bean paste.


Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup

1. Soak red beans in water for a day and night

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup recipe

2. Start the juicer, add the soaked red beans and appropriate amount of water

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup recipe

3. Crushed residue and soy juice

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup recipe

4. Put the pressed soy juice into a pot on a low heat and boil, stir while boiling. During the cooking process, you can add water to the desired consistency. After boiling, you need to cook for 3~5 minutes.

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of sugar, stir well and remove from heat

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup recipe

6. Dumplings in boiling water and boil until they float on the water

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup recipe

7. Put the red bean paste in the bowl and add the small balls

Bean Paste Yuanzi Soup recipe


1. The ground red bean paste water will gradually thicken when it is boiled. Be sure to add water while stirring to reach the level you want.


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