Qi and Blood Soup

Qi and Blood Soup

by y Yuanzi y

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Why is it called Qixuetang, red dates, red beans, peanuts, longan, this combination, think about it, you should know the effect without introducing it. When winter comes, many women start to be afraid of the cold, with cold hands and feet, it's time to replenish vitality and blood. I am also a person who is afraid of the cold. Many things really cannot be changed by any external conditions. For example, if I am afraid of cold, then I should adjust as much as possible. Today's soup is called Qixue Soup for the time being, and it is especially suitable for women.


Qi and Blood Soup

1. Soak the red beans overnight

Qi and Blood Soup recipe

2. Wash the peanuts and soak for one hour

Qi and Blood Soup recipe

3. Wash the red dates, remove the shells and wash the longan

Qi and Blood Soup recipe

4. Add appropriate amount of water to the casserole, add red beans and peanuts

Qi and Blood Soup recipe

5. Add longan and red dates

Qi and Blood Soup recipe

6. Turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours after boiling

Qi and Blood Soup recipe

7. Add brown sugar to taste and cook until the beans are soft

Qi and Blood Soup recipe


There is no fixed amount of ingredients, it depends on your preference.
In fact, the ingredients themselves are stewed and the soup is sweet. Brown sugar can be added or not. You should add enough water at the beginning according to your preference. Don't add water halfway. If you really want to add it, add boiling water later if you want to keep the red dates intact. I prefer The red dates boiled and melted into the soup.


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